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What is Vakilbabu Academy?

Vakilbabu Academy is the First ever institution to train law graduate into becoming a versatile, adaptable, thinking, hardworking, intelligent, and smart professional with deep understanding of real life situations and capacity to deliver within the parameters laid down and much better than their counterparts in present circumstances.


What do we do?

We Train the lawyers and law officers in the most comprehensive way, by imparting them actual practical on hand training named "Mastering Advocacy", as well as explaining the methodology for everything and supervise them into converting the theory taught into actual practise guiding them all the way to make them perfect.


We thereby instill most essential skillset required post completion of law graduation and as an essential additional qualification thereto, cutting short the periods required for juniorship as well as incubation period for independent practise.


The training holds tremendous qualitative value in terms of grooming aspiring legal professionals and simultaneously prepping them to make the best use of their juniorship and helping them to kickstart their independent practise.


How do we do it?

First we take up the basic skill set needed to become a successful lawyer, or law officer, and impart training into the very basics and fundamentals by honing their necessary skills needed for this, under the experts in the field.

Next we take up the lawyer’s and law officer’s working, taking one item at a time, and first explain the basics of the same and then impart extensive on hand training and practise with individual supervision and under the direct guidance of individual experts in every such item.

We also train into the basics needed into the professional life as well as general working life, bringing deep understanding of the real life situation in the world outside the academics.


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Vakilbabu Academy is the first ever institution in the world

to provide the leading edge towards a successful career of being a legal professional.



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