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Why Chose
Vakilbabu Academy

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Why VBA (Vakilbabu Academy)?

We aim to change the entire justice dispension system of India and globally in due course through Vakilbabu Academy trained thoroughbred professionals, causing a silent revolution in the field. We expect our trainees to replace in real life their untrained counterparts in every sphere of legal field with utmost success.

Why VBA?
We actually train and impart training, interacting with the trainees and explaining them at every stage with individual attention, taking them by hand instead of letting them learn on their own.

They are actively trained by different persons, all experts in their own domain, instead of being passively trained by one single person, who may or may not be an expert in any single field.

We explain the reason for doing everything as well as the correct method of doing the same, instead of letting them learn by trial and error method.

We impart detailed and extensive training instead of an ad-hoc method of so called training.

We impart the necessary skillset needed to succeed in the chosen field.

We give absolutely on hand real life training with an opportunity to rectify their mistakes and in fact learn from the same and those of their co-trainees.

We train them into the absolute basics needed for the lawyers and law officers, making them not only good and successful professionals but also good and successful individual human beings.

We also impart specialised training for any particular purpose as required by the corporates coming for campus placement.

Vakilbabu is a globally recognised Indian Brand of very high rating and hence the Trainees are already branded for success.

Presently every trainee shall be directly or indirectly mentored by our Chief Mentor, Advocate Mr. Satish Maheshwari, the Vakilbabu himself.

Our trainees therefore shall shine and stand out from the bunch of other similar professionals, and therefore are coveted for the jobs, whether it be the post of a law officer or a lawyer in a law firm of repute or an LPO, and shall also have a clear head start in case they decide to start practicing.

Already before even starting, we have confirmed placement offers for a number of trainees, some of whom shall also be undergoing specialised training for their posts.

The entire training is IT enabled and online.

We also have large number of audio visual tools of training.

Vakilbabu Academy

Your Legal Education is incomplete without this Training

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